NetEnvelop FAQ & SUPPORT

What's NetEnvelop?

It is a mail client that can do End-to-end encryption.

The content of your email cannot be read by email service provider like,, as well as the transportation guys like AT&T or Verizon.

Right now, emails are like post card. The email service provider can read or dig your email content. Our app will give your email an envelop and can only be en-encrypted/opened by the reciever.

What's the requirement for using NetEnvelop?

It support IMAP and POP3 mail protocol, can work with most of the email box like yahoo, gmail,

The sender and reciever should both using NetEnvelop to receive and send encrypted emails.

Right now, NetEnvelop only have android implementation. So you can only send/receive encrypted email with Android user via NetEnvelop.

What's the difference of NetEnvelop and other mail client?

From user perspective, this mail client only have an extral check box to let you choose whether to send encrypted email. Other than that, the usage of the NetEnvelop and other mail clients have no difference.

Do I need to extra setup steps when using NetEnvelop?

In theory, you do not need to do any extra things.

After you setup your email account, NetEnvelop will send you an email to verify your ownership of the email account. After NetEnvelop APP read the verifying email, it will automatically finish the encryption setup.
But in the case this verifying email is be treated as junk mail by your email account, you should move it to the inbox. And you might need to go to Encryption Management to create new key for the email account.

Can I use desktop to process my encrypted emails?

Via using NetEnvelop, you can protect your privacy via protect your phone. Without take your phone physically, no one can read the content of your email.
To realize this point, we choose to not providing way to read the on Desktop.

We recommend to read your email every where by bring your phone with you and protect your phone. We have provided an chrome plugin to write emails on desktop.

I got a new android phone, how I can make my new phone read old email?

In the old phone, click "Export Keys" menu in "Encryption Management" interface, and copy the exported file to the new phone.
Then in the new phone, do "Import Keys".

Any recommended action for me to make my privacy more secure?

●   Protect your phone, setup lock screen password, install Android Device Manager.
●   In NetEnvelop's Encryption Management interface, re-create keys for your email account every month.
●   When you lost your phone, login Android Device Manager and erase all data on the phone.;

What if I do not want any one can de-encrypt the email?

In "Encryption Management" interface, click "Clear All Keys" menu. After you confirm the action, no one include yourself can no longer de-encrypted the old emails.

I am using iPhone, do you have an IOS version NetEnvelop?

Please send us an email at, we will contact with you when NetEnvelop on IOS is ready.

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